Go Red For World AIDs Day

December 1, 2009 04:27 by Jenn

You don't have to lower the brightness or adjust the contrast, Motivators has gone red. Its World AIDs Day and we're joining the cause. However, I can't take all the credit for going red, Twitter did it first.

Side Note: Yesterday, it was declared by the Global Language Monitor that Twitter is the most popular English word of the year.
When a website with such great distinction goes red, I'm going red. In fact, if Twitter went Goth I bet the continental United States would go Goth too. Of course, going Goth would be some leftover teenage angst escaping me and I'd rather go red for a righteous cause.
World Aids day is making a bang this year, because a million tweeters can't be wrong. In fact even celebrities are getting involved. Original tweet master, Ashon Kutcher tweeted, "10% of world population is in Africa. 67% of all HIV cases are there. Get involved."

How did Starbuck's reply to the need for support? They brewed a piping hot cup of coffee, took a swig and said, "We're in." If you don't believe them, just visit your nearest Starbucks and make a purchase. Five cents of your hand crafted beverage purchase will go to the Aids Global Fund. Starbucks is dedicated to the cause and said they've already raised enough money to buy over seven million days of medicine to help those infected with HIV in Africa. Now they're challenging you to go red and help support finding a cure for Aids and providing relief for those infected.

Throughout the day awareness events everywhere will be flooded with supporters fighting for a cure. With cool awareness event giveaways and passionate speakers, awareness will be spread and support will be gained. As we speak, Chembio, a New York based diagnostic tests company is going red. They've just donated more than 4,5000 rapid HIV test kits to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation's 2009 Testing Millions Global Campaign.
Their amazing efforts haven't gone unnoticed either, because when you go red you go big. Terri Ford, senior director of global policy at the AIDS Healthcare Foundation said, "Rapid point-of-care tests such as Chembio's play a vital role in our vision for diagnosing HIV infections worldwide, and their generous gift to us of 4,500 tests is a sign of their commitment to our shared goals."

Now that the hottest social website and a major medical testing provider have shown their commitment to the cause in their true colors, it's time to blow this cause right out of the water. To raise awareness and raise funds for World AIDs Day, 10 cities will literally be going red tonight. Major monuments and prestigious towers will be illuminated by hundreds and thousands of crimson lights. (Baltimore, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, Columbus, OH and Providence, RI.) If you're living in or near any of these great cities, go outside and observe their monumental dedication to World Aids Day.
Having trouble finding the perfect red for you? Consider purchasing a promotional flashlight with featured red LED light. A little glow next to your face, some red apparel and you'll be going red with the best of them.

DIY Internet Cat Feeder

December 1, 2009 02:29 by Danny

Now I have to admit I haven't seen anything quite like this before but I have to say I am very impressed. Let us say that you are a pet owner and you have to go away on vacation for about a week or two but you have no way of feeding the dog or cat, what do you do? Well Mathew Newton has actually put together a very cool DIY internet enabled cat feeder. According to Engadget.com, "When it's feeding time the user logs onto a web interface to choose the dispensing quantity, or you can also have an automatic feed schedule set up if you trust the system..." Hey if he can mass produce this it will make for one hell of a promotional pet product, but if you still doubt the whole internet feeding aspect check it out for yourself.