Apple's GarageBand Now Available on the iPhone

November 2, 2011 03:00 by Brandon

One reason I've always envied Mac owners is because every Apple computer comes with software called GarageBand. For PC users, like myself, there are few (if any) comparable programs.  And while GarageBand is still not available for computers running on a Microsoft operating system, a lot more people are now going to be able to utilize the application. 

Approximately one in 70 people on the planet owns an iPhone. And, according to Mashable, "Apple has updated its GarageBand for iOS app to support the iPhone and iPod touch." That means a significant amount of people will now be able to play around with GarageBand on their mobile devices.

I'm definitely not a seasoned musician, but I do like to play guitar and hum a tune or two.  I've always wondered what I could create if given the opportunity.  Mashable reports that GarageBand allows users to "mix up to eight tracks together," creating some stunning results.  iPhone and iPod touch owners can download the app for just $4.99.  They'll enjoy "many of the best parts of the GarageBand for Mac app" on their touch-screen mobile devices.  You can even plug an electric guitar into your iPhone or iPod touch and use the application as an amp.

The 2011 promotional item comes just in time for the holiday season. I know if I receive an iTunes promotional gift card this Christmas, my first purchase will be the GarageBand iPhone app!