Fun Weekend

September 30, 2013 03:50 by Sam

 We celebrated my dad, Gussie’s birthday this past weekend.  My sister and I headed down to Pennsyltucky for the birthday bash on Friday night, with a car full of food and presents.  It was the last weekend before it gets really cold, so we made sure we had a good time before the toys go away.  We played with the quads all Saturday and before sun down we even broke out the couch!  Yes we have a couch on wheels that we like to tow behind the quad. It was made two years ago, and it has made smiles ever since, even our dogs love it.

 Then at night time we built a huge bonfire that lasted into the early hours. We ate dinner, sang happy birthday and gave presents around the fire.  One of the gifts that my dad particular liked was the Promotional Flashlight/Emergency Tool I got him.  In the back hills he has come up to many car wrecks, so I wanted him to be prepared.  This tool has a light, window breaker and seatbelt cutter in one!  Next time I head down there it will be for my Birthday, I am very excited to see what they have in store for me!

Birthday Month!

July 17, 2013 11:03 by Meryem

July 5th is my birthday and every year I do not want to celebrate but we ALWAYS have a few different celebrations. This year was not any different.

It started at work, on July 3rd. Because half of my department was not going to be in on Friday July 5th, my department wanted to be sneaky and suprise me on July 3rd. They all baked and bought yummy treats just for me! However, I was not suprised at all. (Overheard them talking and moving celebration to 7/3)

Every year because of July 4th, there is always a cake cut for me when we have a family get together. We again were over with family on the 4th and celebrated with my family with free fireworks, just for me!  And my friends always try to suprise me by planning something, even if its just a dinner. This year they wanted to go to a show - Blue Men Group and thought I would love it! Which I did! My favorite part being in the front row and sitting in a pancho all night, freaking out that I was going to be drenched in paint.

I really am very fortunate to have great family, friends and coworkers.

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Twisty Straw Tumbler

June 26, 2013 12:03 by Meryem

My custom printed twisty straw tumbler was a favor from Abigail's 2nd birthday party. Even though I did not attend Abby's birthday, Laurie was kind enough to bring one in for us at the office. It was filled with chocolate, candy and a picture of Abigail. I instantly fell in love with it and use it daily to consume my 64 ounces of water. That would make four cups with my 16 oz tumbler.

As I do every morning when I get to work, I was cleaning my tumbler to fill it with water. This time I tried to do something extra sanitary I assume and filled my tumbler with hot water so inside the straw would get clean. I, of course did not take into consideration that the straw was plastic and it would melt. So when I poured out the hot water the straw took a different shape and I was not able to fit it back into the tumbler. I was so upset that Laurie brought in a new straw for me the next day and saved the day!


Marlboro's Birthday Gift to a Non-Smoker

June 6, 2013 05:25 by Brandon

Motivators' director of operations and customer care, Tony, has never smoked a cigarette in his life. And yet yesterday he received a promotional birthday gift from none other than Marlboro, the largest selling brand of cigarettes on the globe. Check it out:


As you can see, the ashtray came in a rustic-looking tin box. A small piece of paper reads "Happy birthday from Marlboro," and, of course, features the brand's logo. Best of all, Marlboro actually customized the ashtray with Tony's initials. Talk about a personalized gift!

I don't condone smoking and I certainly don't want Tony to start just because he got a cool gift. But the unique promotional product is still worth mentioning.

Have you ever received a branded birthday gift in the mail? Share your story!

He is...The Derk

May 30, 2013 05:44 by Ali

I promised an update after my trip to Vegas so that is exactly what you are going to get. It would not have been a successful trip unless there was some type of branded/promotional item. So, it was only natural to create a super soft t-shirt/tank (with my dad's face on it) to honor his 60th birthday celebration. If you know my dad, you know he thinks he is the most interesting man in the world (or at least the second most interesting). With that being said, how could we not play on the famous Dos Equis campaign? Here is what we came up with, let me know how we did!

In case you can't see, the back says, "Stay sixty, my friends" - which I think is pretty awesome. My dad was totally shocked and absolutely loved the shirts! Must give a shout out to Keri and Jillian in the art department who completely rocked it with the artwork!

Overall, I would have to categorize this as the luckiest trip of my life. I think my parents, sister and Eric would have to agree. We were extremely lucky in the casino with roulette, craps, and even on a slot machine. There are tons of in between luck that went on but I will tell you about one of the highlights. After lots of winning, my dad, sister, Eric and I decided to form a partnership and head to the high stakes slot machines. We would each do 10 spins and hope for the best. My dad went first, then Stacey and then myself. We won a little, but ultimately, we were down to our last 10 spins. It was Eric's turn and he said the pressure didn't bother him (typical attorney attitude). He spun, and spun again and finally, on the third spin, we knew we had won something! The machine did not make a sound, and the section where the prize had previously been shown was blank. The four of us were screaming that it HAD TO BE SOMETHING! After what seemed like 10 minutes (which was probably 10 seconds) the machine said "Please call attendant," bells and lights were going off and then we saw the prize...

"Hand pay amount: $1,800."

WHAT! It couldn't be! We had been so lucky that night and the slots were supposed to end our night, not start it up again! When an attendant finally came over she confirmed the win and brought over a huge pile of cash. We each walked away with $450 and could not be happier, to say the least. 

I took my winnings from the trip and ran! Since I am typically not a gambler, it was not difficult for me and I will stick to my old gambling ways. But, I will admit that winning is really, really fun and I hope to win in the future. :)

Happy Birthday dad! Hope you had a great 60th! Here's to 60 more! :)

Birthday Weekend

April 30, 2013 03:51 by Ozzie

Last weekend - I grew another age older, another year wiser (so I hope) and another size bigger! I had a fabulous birthday weekend. On Friday, at work, my co-workers brought in a ton of amazing treats and celebrated my birthday. After work, some of my girlfriends took me out to one of my favorite sushi bars - Koban. They surprised me with a cake and a nice Michael Kors cross body bag. It had been a while since I had seen some of my girlfriends, so it was nice to get together and celebrate.

On Saturday, I decided I was going to take the day and treat myself. I did a whole day manicure, pedicure, facials, and relaxation. I felt absolutely rejuvenated. That evening, my wonderful husband took my out to dinner and gave me my birthday gift. He had bought me the Rayban Sunglasses I had been wanting, so I was absolutely thrilled about that. Later on, we met up with some friends for drinks. Yet again, they surprised me with another cake and more gifts! My amazing friends know me so well. They bought me workout apparel - just what I have been looking for and needing. So as of Sunday, I decided the celebrating was over and that it was time for me to get my act together. I put on my brand new workout clothes and promotional pedometer and went for a 10 mile walk in Belmont Park, through the trails and back home. It felt absolutely wonderful, though I do admit, I was a bit sore the next morning. I guess that is the repercussion for eating all that birthday cake!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

February 28, 2013 08:20 by Ali

I cannot believe that tomorrow is March!!

March is my birthday month. I prefer to say "birthday month" instead of "the month in which my birthday falls on just one day" because, HEY, it's more fun! Who wouldn't want to celebrate all month long, especially when your birthday month has 31 days? With that being said, March is going to bring lots of exciting news for the Motivators family, yes Laurie, it is not all about Ali. We will welcome the O'Shea's second baby girl, as well as the Nick's twin baby girls. Lots of girls and certainly lots of babies that I am honored to be sharing my birthday month with.

Now, with that being said, March is also famous for being Laurie's birthday which happens to fall on St. Patty's Day (or the day before my birthday). No matter where you live, chances are there will be some kind of festival, parade, party, or plain old day where people run around the streets wearing green and taking obscene amounts of Irish car bombs.

Whether you are hosting a party with your friends at home, own a bar or restaurant that wants to get involved in the St. Patty's Day spirit, or are trying to just have a good time hoping for free swag (INSERT: ME), Motivators has tons of St. Patty Day or green branded items to choose from.

Since I will hopefully be celebrating my birthday at an all day festival on Sunday, I was thinking of sporting these rubberized sunglasses and handing them out to my friends and the people I meet along the way. Looking for ideas as to what they should say and figured my super creative and trustworthy blog readers would be the best place to start.

So, tell me how I should brand the sunglasses... and who knows, maybe I will choose your suggestion and send you a pair! 


PS - Check out the image below for my silly idea. "St. Ali's Day" has a nice ring to it...right? I think I need your help!

They got Me!

February 1, 2013 05:45 by Jon

Today happens to be my 31st Birthday. Besides being Mike Piazza's NY Mets number, the amount of flavors at Baskin-Robbins and the starting pro bowl Jets cornerback (Antonio Cromartie), there really isn't too much going on with 31. I guess after the big 3-0 being able to walk upright without back pain is a positive :)!

So the other day, I was looking through some of my retail happy birthday emails. Let me take a Zach Morris in a tough situation for a second (my 80's friends will get this), this is an awesome way to show your customers you are remembered. I purchased a very nice watch from a very nice salesperson almost seven years ago and I still get cards and emails every single birthday.

OK time in. I came across one from Normally they send tons of emails, so they are usually quickly deleted. Not this time. Their marketing department hit a homerun on this email.

As much as I tried to delete it I couldn't. I wanted it. It was glorious. A brand new green, perfectly-sewn jersey. WITH MY NAME! The picture is below but I had to have one. Now I don't have to worry about salary cap casualties or who's being traded or retiring. I'll always be a Jet fan and I can prove it!

More Baking

December 10, 2012 03:41 by Laurie

Another hectic yet fun weekend. Saturday consisted of visits to Kohl's, Target, and the supermarket (a test of endurance for anyone this time of year). I followed up my shopping spree with a relaxing massage and pedicure thanks to my amazing sales team's generosity from last holiday season.

Sunday, baked a cake for my brother's birthday; chocolate with buttercream frosting if anyone was wondering. As I started to decorate it, I remembered that I don't own any decorating tips/bags/accessories of my own (always just used Mom's) and that this cake was going to look pretty boring. So I hollered at Bill that I would like to go to the local baking store, Grandma's Kitchen, to pick up some supplies.

About three minutes later, there was a box on the counter and a smiling William standing next to me. To my surprise, he already got me a deluxe decorating kit! It came with every tip you could think of: bags, attachments, food coloring, spatula and a stem for making flowers. How thoughtful?! It was a perfect addition to my other custom kitchen items, and I cannot wait to learn how to do more fancy decorating!

This coming weekend is my niece's birthday party; maybe I'll make some cupcakes! 

Text Messaging Turns 20

December 3, 2012 04:16 by Brandon

It's hard to believe that the first text message was delivered 20 years ago today, but it's true! On Dec. 3, 1992, Neil Papworth typed "Merry Christmas" and clicked send.

Since then, the technology has become a must-have for anyone with a cell phone. And thank goodness -- just think about all the times you've needed to get in touch with someone, but couldn't make a phone call! Indeed, mobile messaging has become a big part of our lives.

iPhone 4/4S Case

But get this: ABC News reports that "in 2012, there is building evidence that text messaging is past its peak." Why? As smartphone ownership continues to increase, email, instant messaging, iMessage and other services have become popular replacements.

Do you still send text messages? If not, what do you use instead?

Lobster Fest with a Reggae Twist

June 14, 2012 04:15 by Laura

I love to host a party, so when my dear friend Karen said that it was time for her annual lobster birthday party, I offered my house as the venue because I have more room, and then she can sit back and enjoy the party instead of hosting.  The theme is LOBSTER, which can be expensive, so everyone is chipping in $10 each for their dinner...a small price to pay!  We live near Jordan Lobster Farms in Island Park, NY, where we can get the freshest, just steamed lobster in minutes!  In addition to the lobster, we are hoping for some live music.  While still in negotiations, with our musician friend Jahsticks, it looks like he will be there to make the party a very special day! Jahsticks may play solo or he may bring his band, but his reggae, rock beat will really make for a special day. 

So, here is to Karen, who inspires us to always have fun and listen to the music of life.  Happy Birthday my friend!  I think this party is going to be awesome!