Meeting Matisyahu

November 28, 2011 04:18 by Nicholas

I didn't spend my Black Friday waiting in line at Walmart or desperately refreshing my internet browser. Instead, I woke up rather late for a shopper (9:30am) and made my way to Looney Tunes CD store in West Babylon, NY.

Since the closing of Soundtracks in Huntington, NY, Looney Tunes has been the place I've been frequenting to find new new music and rediscover old favorites. Best of all, Looney Tunes has a small stage for intimate performances/meet & greets by musicians who pass through the area.

This Black Friday was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Matisyahu, a Hasidic Jewish hip-hop artist best known for his beatboxing and spiritual lyricism, perform an acoustic set. The show was free for those who made a Matisyahu purchase. The acoustic performance included about an hour of his old and new material accompanied by an acostic guitar or a cello.

Additionally, the performance came at the same time as other promotional incentives and discounts. I bought a few CDs and records myself and noticed that quite a few company holiday gifts and other logoed gifts being purchased. 

Getting into the Holiday Spirit!

November 17, 2011 04:08 by Laura

I know the holidays are approaching when we start receiving company holiday gifts in the mail.  It is always exciting to see that box at the doorstep!  Each year Thanksgiving kicks off with a promotional gift basket of wines and cheeses.  We have received popcorn, and chocolate covered gourmet pretzels.  By far my favorite custom food product gift to give and recieve is Chicago Style Italian beef sandwich kits from Portillos!




 If you have never tried a Chicago style Italian beef sandwich with sweet peppers you are really missing somehting.  It is hard to be away from extended family and the traditions that we shared together, but these treats from back home help to keep us connected.  Here is to a happy and healthy holiday season filled with food and fun!  

Show Off Your Style with a Chic iPad Case

November 14, 2011 03:06 by Brandon

If you have an iPad, you're already cooler than me.  And you also have plenty of unique ways to express your individuality.  iPads are completely customizable due to the huge variety of funky covers from which you can choose.

Let's look at some of the classiest promotional iPad cases out there:

1.  The leather look

If I owned an iPad and wanted to show off my sophisticated side, I'd definitely choose this one.  It features an elegant alligator effect, and is reasonably priced, too!  How cool is its pattern?

promotional iPad case

2.  Natural wood

The natural wood look is awesome and I'm thrilled that it's become trendy again.  In fact, I still want to invest in a handcrafted wood back for my iPhone 4.  But if you've got the iPad, you can also check out this rustic-looking wood case for your device.  This would be my choice for everyday use!

promotional ipad case

3.  In the nude

If you love your iPad just as you bought it, then you might be interested in a clear case that offers protection without covering up its look.  This promotional iPad cover will help you accomplish just that. 

promotional ipad cases

If none of these are your thing, check out Mashable's list of "10 Classy Covers for Your iPad." You're sure to find a case that will transform your iPad into a sleek and stylish accessory!  And remember:  If, like me, you don't have an iPad of your own, the covers also make fantastic company holiday gifts!

Finally Arrived!

November 9, 2011 12:47 by Meryem

After months of anticipation, I finally receieved my brand new iphone 4s last week. I absolutely love everything about it!  I have been an iphone owner for 4 years and when my iphone 3gs burnt out in June, I had to use my mom's old Nokia until my upgrade. Let me just say, it was a lot to get used to.

Now that we have finally re-united, I do everything possible on my iphone; bank, alarm, google maps, tv, calendar, ipod.. and the list just goes on and on. Being that I use my phone constantly, the battery dies out so fast. Thanks to Motivators Promotional Products, I bought the promotional iPhone panel solar charger,  which allows me to charge my phone whereever I am. I did not neglect to save my phone from all the scratches it would encounter so soon, so I got the promotional 4G iPhone case which was available in many different colors.

Now a days everyone owns a smart phone and the holidays being just around the corner, why not give away something that will be useful to your employees for your company holiday gifts this year!


Bucks Program

November 7, 2011 04:06 by Laurie

Motivators was just honored with an award for our "bucks" program. Basically it is a company incentive in which we give each other "Motivators Bucks" when we feel a fellow co-worker has gone above or beyond. The idea is great for positive reiforcement and some fun to help fuel day to day tasks. So what are the bucks for? At the end of the year, we have our office corporate holiday party where we celebrate and are given our company holiday gifts. The bucks however are used for bonus employee holiday gifts. Motivators purchases additional employee holiday gifts in which we put our bucks towards, and then they get raffled. Last year I won a beautiful promotional travel bag that was perfect for the hospital (I was in need for a bag for when the baby came). This year I have my eye on a custom USB flash drive to hold my many many pictures of Abby!