Is Your School's Food Hot or Not?

October 3, 2011 03:43 by Brandon

What are your kids eating at school? Chef Jaime Oliver recently launched an online campaign, called "School Lunch Wall," that aims to expose unhealthy lunch foods.  The Web site allows users to submit photos of their schools' custom food products. The cafeteria foods are then displayed and voted on in a "hot or not" fashion.

School Lunch Wall

According to Mashable, "At the moment, most of the food on the site doesn’t look bad. But the vote results are also an interesting look at what people consider to be healthy or tasty food."  Oliver's Web site, therefore, also serves as an educational resource:  It teaches students and parents to look at cafeteria foods more closely and evaluate just how nutritious they are.

Think back to high school -- how do you think your school's food would have measured up?