Saved By A Flash Drive

February 12, 2013 06:57 by Sung

It amazes me how a piece of technology can make our lives so much easier. The other day I was trying to save some video clips I had during my cousin's wedding. I had converted all the 3 clips into HD quality and boy one file took up a lot of memory. I tried to email and upload it onto the web with no luck. The file was just enormous.

This is where my promotional flash drive came in handy. I was able to fit one file each in the three flash drives I had. It just saved me from headache I had. I would recommend everyone to carry at least one flash drive in case of emergencies. Come check out our huge selection of flash drives. They come in various shapes and sizes. There are some more advanced ones with a laser point or pen build into them. My favorite however, has to be the key shaped flash drive. I can put it right on my keychain and it will always be with me wherever I go.

Netflix to Rebrand its DVD Service

September 19, 2011 04:40 by Brandon

Netflix has had one heck of a summer.  In an attempt to increase profits, the online video streaming service raised its prices by "60 percent on one popular plan," according to Gawker.  I'm not sure how Netflix CEO Reed Hastings thought consumers would react, but it's getting pretty ugly.  Gawker reports that the company's stock dropped 17 percent last Thursday, a large amount of subscribers have canceled plans, and subscription projections have been cut by 1 million.

So what's Hastings' plan to win back customers?  According to Mashable, Netflix is about to undergo a brand image overhaul.  Hastings is looking to divide Netflix's DVD and online streaming video services, and to reintroduce the DVD division as a new division called 'Qwikster.'  The rebranding effort will have to be a strong one, so look for Qwikster-themed promotional giveaways like custom printed pens and promotional flash drives.

In addition to its new name, Qwikster will also offer a new service:  video game hires.  I'm looking forward to seeing how the changes affect consumer opinion.  Hopefully Netflix can regain its customers' trust and stop acting like an evil cable company!


Get the Key to Wonderland with this Alice in Wonderland Movie Promotion

January 27, 2010 05:31 by Jenn
Alice in Wonderland will take us all on a trip down the rabbit hole when it comes out on March 5th. In the meantime, some very lucky people will delight in the awesome promotional gift books the movie's creators at Disney mailed out. Earlier this month, various people in the industry received a very mysterious and even more special package.

Once opened, a hard covered Alice in Wonderland book is revealed that pays tribute to it's author Lewis Carroll. Another book is housed inside of the larger book that included photographs from the film and sketches. Once a few pages were flipped, another book is reveled, hidden within the 2nd book. This book contains more images and character information before revealing a fourth book. Inside this final book is an old fashioned key titled the, "The Key to Wonderland."
If the awesome book inside another book concept wasn't captivating enough, the key is actually a promotional USB flash drive. Stored on each is the movie's trailer and additional photographs.

This fantastic promotion is definitely successful in creating excitement for the Alice in Wondeland movie premier and still some recipients think there's more to it. One recipient feels that there may be a secret message throughout the branded books and keeps investigating each page. Others find that these are among the most unique movie promotions available. Either way, I wish they sent me one. Anne Hathaway’s looking crazy as the White Queen!

Birthday Cake

July 16, 2009 07:54 by Jenn

If there is reason to celebrate I will be the first one to pour the drinks and light the candles. Christmas, Halloween, Mother's Day, Boxing Day, Take your daughter to work day, all of 'em. So for me, birthdays are always a matter how old you are. That's why I take advantage of the entire week and possibly month when it's my birthday. And of course, with last night being the first time to rejoice for the birthing, I've already collected a promotional product.

My friends thought I was gross for picking a custom imprinted shirt off of the sidewalk down at the Nautical Mile in Freeport, but it was in fresh-out the box condition and this job has given me a fetish for all things promotional. The shirt says something cheesy like, "I got this shirt on the Blue Boat!" I'll wear it to bed.

What else will my birthday have in store for me? The weather reports say a nice big thunderstorm. That works for me. I'll just whip out my Motivators promotional umbrella.

I received two cards so far. One has two teddy bears on the front and says, "It's your 3rd Birthday!" and the other, from Marisa darling, is an elegant Hallmark that reads, "Celebrating your 80 Years." Good jokes my friends.

In a really lame kind of way I'm pretty excited about my birthday cake. But I don't want to eat it because it's going to look so darn wonderful. My younger sister, Julie works at Friendly's and is making me some sort of ridiculous cake. She's cut shapes out, made mermaids, built jungles and color coordinated cupcake tower cakes. So tonight...the possibilities are endless. Could it be fashioned with custom flash drives? Or will it me a giant edible custom tote bag? Perhaps.

When we were younger, Julie and I would battle and bicker every now and again. She'd pinch me and chase me around the house with the vacuum. For some reason I was scared of her. So this cake I found might be the one she's creating for me right now. Who knows!

Project Nomad

July 7, 2009 02:21 by Danny

Boy do I love seeing concepts about the future, can you believe that is will be 2010 next year? I remember when I was a kid watching cartoons like the Jetsons thinking about how it would be during the 2000's but obviously things don't go as planned. I recently came across this concept called Project Nomad, where man drives or pilots beast machines that are fueled by nature. The concept art is beautifully rendered in pretty good detail. Hopefully there is a USB outlet for my promotional flash drive, but chances are by the time this is ever comes into production we shall have another form of digital storage…maybe an implanted chip in my head to increase brain and storage capacity or maybe for archiving.


Project Nomad