All I Can Think About is Food

November 22, 2011 03:30 by Brandon

We're just two days away from Thanksgiving, and all I can think about is food.  So when I found out you can now create your own Domino's pizza on your iPad, I was understandably very excited.

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According to Mashable, "The pizza chain has created an app that lets you make a pizza onscreen and then order it in real life."  The application, Domino's Pizza Hero is a game that gives users the experience of kneading pizza dough, spreading marinara sauce, sprinkling mozzarella cheese, adding toppings and even cutting slices within a time constraint.  The point of the game, reports Mashable, is to "make the pizza as quickly as possible and to closely mimic the experience of real Domino’s workers."

Check out the video below which shows the app in action.  Download Domino's Pizza Hero today to make a custom food product of your very own!


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